Hello, MIAMI!


And welcome to one of the hottest spots in Midtown Miami right now.


From the heart and soul between Little Haiti and the Design District comes "A new take on seasonal flavors and cocktails," the first restaurant in the Upper Buena Vista complex.







Here’s what you can expect:

A pleasant and modern space, including an indoor dining room, an outdoor patio and a rooftop terrace with live music every other day. As for the food, inspired by fresh Italian cuisine with a menu crated by Bearzi and Chilean-Italian chef Guiliano Laverne - the menu offers all the way from farmer's choices such as grilled pears with stracciatella, to heavy plates such as Poblano Gnocchetti’s with a pistacho and mint sauce.











On this occasion, we had the opportunity to try these dishes & drinks:


Roasted Chicken with an Orange Sauce: the perfect dish for a late night dinner. (Not too heavy, not too light - just ideal). Another good option is the Chicken Paillard with Quinoa Salad: the perfect dish if you want to have a healthy option. And for those out there not counting calories the Veal Milanese with Arugula and Parmigiana is truly the perfect dish.


We can call Vista an “industrial/modern” and intimate restaurant, surrounded by an ancient Banyan tree, covered by a patio with hanging plants. 




Pura Vida: A tropical and SO MIAMI mix of Escolon Silver & Repo, Lime, Pineapple and Cinnamon Agave. We give it a 10/10. Ideal for when you don’t want to get crazy. (But 3 or more will get you where you don't wanna go!)


Spring Bubbles: If you are feeling cheerful & chick - this mix of Basil Vodka, Saint Germain, Strawberry, Lemon and Prosecco is perfect for you. Trust the bubbles and feel the freshness.


Passion Fruit Mojito: If you're going for a classic flavor but with a Passion Fruit twist, go for this delicious mojito!





Date night

Going out for drinks with friends


Delicious lunch & dinner at an enjoyable setting

And of course... Insta-worthy pics!



If you’re a fan of cocktails, they have a large range of mocktails and cocktails.

The rooftop bar has its own menu, which includes charcuterie and cheeses.

They have moderate-priced dishes, which run from $9 to $38.

This is a MUST ORDER:

Fries with Raclette Cheese

Classic... and cheesy.



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